Samsung - problematicni update

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Samsung - problematicni update

Post od Gruja » 25 Avg 2017, 21:56

Ako imate noviji tv i Samsung je u pitanju, posebno obratite paznju pre nego odobrite firmware update. ... 7497.shtml
As frustrating as it may sound, it appears that Samsung’s bad firmware update is aimed at the company’s latest models, including (but not limited to) UE50MU6100K, UE49MU7070 and MU6409.

This means that whoever buys one of these models and connects it to the Internet for the very first time is offered an update that could brick down the device – Samsung hasn’t said a single thing about this blunder, so it’s not clear at this point if the update has already been pulled or not.
TVs can no longer change channels or turn on
At this point, customers complaining on the company’s forums claim that in most of the cases, the TVs running the latest firmware update can’t either change the channel or start at all, with devices freezing with a black screen after displaying the Samsung splash screen.
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