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Google Chrome počinje da blokira Flash

Poslato: 10 Dec 2016, 22:37
od Milan M.
Google Chrome će početi sa blokiranjem flash sadržaja na sajtovima tako da će korisnici morati ručno potvrditi da žele dopustiti flash sadržaj da bude pušten.
Google is slowly rolling HTML5 out to users over the next couple of months, starting with one percent of users on the current version of Chrome. Everyone should have an updated Chrome by February, when the most recent beta version goes stable.

This means that unless a website has an HTML5 content player, the Flash content won’t display. Users will have to enable it manually on a site-by-site basis. At first, the Flash permissions will only apply to sites that users are visiting for the first time, but by October, every site will require user permission to run Flash.